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“My first impression of Summer Empire, way back in 2014, was muted. As I looked up at the imposing edifice, I wondered how it would be inside. I had been to many condos before, and they all looked like shanty towns from the inside. So, I took a wary attitude when I called over to see this piece.
Believe me, I was stunned, as I stepped out of the elevator on the 9th floor. The huge open space gave me a pleasant surprise. No shanty town, this. The agent, opened the apartment I had come to see, and led me in. What pleased me most of all was the ambience of the interior. The color of the granite floor was the first to catch my eye. The kitchen was well laid out, and the rooms were not the pigeon holes I had seen in other condos. The washrooms were also well positioned and spacious. And the ventilation was heavenly. I have stayed put in the first unit I inspected.
Kudos to the builder. “

Anver Ahamed, Summer Empire, Fredrica Rd. Colombo-6.

“My wife purchased a unit in Summer Empire in 2009. Today, around 10 years gone but the love I have with the apartment is day by day increasing.
Because, it has proper natural ventilation and light throughout the year. Not so big but no so small sizes of rooms. The hall is very lengthy, no need to search for a place to organize birthday parties, I can have it in my own hall. The entire house is painted with white, which was able for me to change the color of the walls after some time.
Kitchen has a separate out side entrance. Servant’s toilet is facing outside. These are only few plus points but there are many. You have to live and experience.
Because, Summerland builds Superb Apartments.”

Amuthalingam Mathimakan, Summer Empire, Fredrica Rd. Colombo-6.